How to Buy Vintage Speakers

Vintage speakers mean as much to audiophiles as vintage cars mean to car buffs. They represent a past era of creativity in music. Some people will love these speakers for their vibe. They bring that retro look to the living room. If you are in luck you can get a clean and functional vintage speaker at one of the older music equipment stores or an electronics spare shop. Look for good vintage speakers to buy on EBay too. If you are shopping around for one, consider some points.


Examine the vintage speaker for grime, dust, and dirt.  This is especially if you are buying the speaker second hand. The previous owner might have stored the vintage speaker that could expose the speaker to moisture. Check that the grill does not have excess dirt. Open the speaker and check how the dirt has covered the internal parts. If the dirt cannot be easily wiped off, it could be a problem when you fire up the speaker.


Many vintage speakers were made of a wooden exterior while some of the newer models featured plastic. Many audiophiles say that the wooden cabinets lent the speakers a special bass sound. The problem is that wooden joints get loose from vibrations. Check that the vintage speaker is standing well on the ground and does not feel wobbly.


If you are buying a vintage speaker for the style and look, consider what the rest of your vintage sound system looks like. You could choose to go with units that are all from the same decade or same manufacturer. You could also go for a mix and match look.  Look for a unit that matches your visual aesthetics as best as possible.


Of course, you are buying the vintage the speaker for sound as well as its aesthetics. Start by testing if the vintage speaker is functional. Listen if the speaker is producing undistorted sound. You should be aware that vintage speakers may sound a little bit different than today’s speakers.

Some vintage speakers were typically designed with a certain style of music in mind. Classical musical listeners or jazz lovers will find the vintage KLH 6 speaker very ideal for these styles. If you are looking to use the best vintage sound box for a wider range of music styles the vintage New Large Advent Speaker will be suitable.

You should note that you are dealing with a delicate unit. Let the seller do the test so as to avoid damage claims if the speaker does not function or blows.

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