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Best Reel Mowers

Generally, it is important to note that reel mowers were the first lawn mowers’ generation , and it is actually amazing to look at the advanced kinds of zero turn riding lawn mowers that are presently available and think that they evolved from most basic form of reel mowers. Nowadays, the reel category of lawn mowers are still very famous and while they are still the most basic form of mowers available on the market, these machines have also considerably evolved with some models being very near to an electric mower with grass with grass clipping catchers and assisted cutting technology. Typically, these types of machines have a body that is cylindrically shaped with several blades that are connected to the wheel for the blades to rotate and cut as the mower is pushed forward. Reel mowers are made up of very few moving parts hence making these kinds of machines much simpler compared to the gas or electric push mowers.

There are many benefits associated with choosing reel lawn mower over any other form of available mower. Such benefits include but not limited to; no battery to charge, no pull chord to start, no sparks to change, no running costs and no shrapnel and rocks flying around. Also, reel mowers do not add to pollution levels to the surrounding. In addition, these machines are smaller and lighter hence there is no need for help to load them into the car. When not in use, these machines can easily be hanged on your garage wall hence saving space. It is also good to know that reel mowers are the best option because they tend to make superior cut due to the presence of sharp blades. With a reel lawn mower, you will never be disturbed by noise since they are ever quiet due to the absence of an engine.

Just like all other kinds of lawn mowers available on the market today, it is good to note that the market for this particular product is ever evolving and expanding. For this reason, there are several available options for these machines that may amaze you. For instance, there is the Scotts 2000-20S, which is on the stand out reel lawn mower available on the market. Having been well tried and tested, the machine has proven to be an option that is very solid and reliable which can handle most kinds of grass. This machine has a weight of around thirty-four pounds and comes with dual wheel to give you extra help and stability to operate and control the mower. Its cutting blades entails five to twenty inch blades that can be adjusted to nine different levels with a simple adjuster. Other reel mowers that you may consider entails the Fiskars 6201 eighteen inch stay sharp, GreenWorks five Blade and Great States 415-16SK1. There are certain factors always to put into consideration before going out and order a reel type mower. For instance, consider your yard’s size, grass cutting length, mower’s weight and size and grass to cut.